Best Birth Control & Contraceptive Options


Know Your Contraception Options

nobaby.jpgFemale contraception is always a must when you are sexually active but with so many female contraceptives to choose from it can be difficult to know which one is best for you.

Depending on which you choose, you will need to allow time for your body to adjust, and so it can sometimes it can take a bit of time and patience to find the best female contraception that suits your body.

Importantly, remember that many female contraceptives do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. So while it can be a girls best friend when it comes to preventing pregnancy, providing benefits such as lighter or no periods at clear, clear skin and an improved bust size, always be sure you fully protect yourself against STI's.

Always consult your doctor, research the options, and speak with friends to find out their experiences and then make a decision as to which you think may be the most suitable option for you.

Contraceptive Patch

The Contraception patch, as the name suggests, is a small patch that sticks to the skin of the user and releases hormones into the woman's bloodstream. It can be stuck on any part of the body such as the buttocks, abdomen, torso or arms.

Each patch has a life span of 7 days. When applied, the patch starts releasing two hormones i.e. estrogen and progestogen into the bloodstream through the skin. Read Article

Contraceptive Ring

The contraceptive ring is a hormonal form of birth control. The doughnut shaped flexible ring is inserted into the vagina and releases hormones to prevent pregnancy. The active ingredients in the also called vaginal ring are estrogen and progesterone.

One advantage of the contraceptive ring is that once it is inserted, you do not need to think about this birth control method for three weeks, until it is time to remove the old ring and insert a new one. Read Article

 Diagphragm Contraceptive

The diaphragm contraceptive is a birth control device that is a dome shaped soft substance usually made of latex with a spring inside the rim.

It works when inserted inside the vagina and acts as a barrier between the cervix and an impending penis. The spring fits snugly against the walls of the vagina and when inserted correctly is not felt by the woman, or prodding penis. Read Article

Contraception or IUD

Intrauterine contraception or an IUD, is a popular long term birth control device that is relatively no fuss for women. Also known as the contraceptive coil, it is available in two types, the hormonal and the copper IUD, both of which are inserted in to a woman's uterus to prevent pregnancy.

Each form of intrauterine contraception is highly successful with copper IUD effectiveness at 99% and the hormonal IUD at 99.9% effectiveness. Read Article

Oral Birth Control Pill

When most people think of female contraception, they think of the pill. Oral birth control, is a hormonal method of contraception. The birth control pill is orally ingested and must be taken daily in order to provide continuous protection.

The actual hormones progesterone as well as estrogen released through the pill into a woman's bloodstream prevent ovulation throughout the menstrual cycle. Read Article

sex-positions.jpgSafe Sex for Unwanted Pregnancy

You can avoid abortion by practicing safe sex. It is also recommended to use condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.