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Sex in Pregnancy- No Contraceptives Needed!

There have been frequently asked questions about having safe sex during pregnancy. Most women are full of anxieties on this issue. They want to know how to please their husbands and at the same time protect their unborn babies. Therefore, there is the need to balance these two extremes in order to enjoy a good sexual relation from time to time.


Pregnant woman sexually attractive?

It is very common for a man to find his woman very sexy & attractive in pregnancy due to sudden change in her appearance. Shiny eyes, enhanced breasts and beautiful curvy body would naturally enhance his libido. Hence he would be eager to make love with you more. Some men are scared of losing his woman's love & affection to the upcoming baby, especially if it is first pregnancy.

Is sex saf during pregnancy?

Firstly, you must realize that sex during pregnancy is not bad. In fact, some medical research has shown that, to some extent, sexual intercourse in pregnancy will help to keep the vaginal flexible and soft. It is believed that the vulva area and the vaginal may become tightened, at least to a certain degree, if sex is totally abandoned for the whole nine months of the pregnancy.

Therefore, it is advisable for pregnant women to have sexual love with their spouses once in a while or, better still, frequently.

Relax, Your Baby is Protected!

Sexual intercourse does not directly affect the unborn baby. The baby is fully protected by the amniotic sac which is a thin-walled bag where the amniotic fluid surrounds the fetus (baby). The strong muscle of the womb also supports and protects the baby.

In pregnancy, thick mucus usually covers the cervical opening of the womb. So, infectious things can’t enter the uterus. Apart from that, semen cannot penetrate the mucus covering. Semen is known to contain a chemical substance that can potentially initiate contractions, that is, false labour or premature labour.

More so, the penis of a man cannot reach the fetus. The length of a normal penis does not enter the cervix.

No miscarriage!

Furthermore, sex during pregnancy is not likely to cause miscarriage under normal, low-risk pregnancy conditions where a pregnant woman reaches an orgasm. Studies have shown that the kind of orgasmic contractions associated with coitus are quite different from the childbirth contractions.

Nevertheless, if you are still fearful or not sure about your reproductive health, it is worthy of note that you consult with your doctor so as to find out if your pregnancy is in the normal conditions before you begin to have intercourse.

Broadly speaking, it is recommended that you stop sex when it is getting close to the Expected Date of Delivery (EDD), may be six weeks to the time. Also it is recommended not to have sex upto 6 weeks initially.

Great Sex Positions for Pregnant Women

Generally, most women are confused about the place or the effect of having sexual relation with their husbands while in pregnancy. Anxieties about sex in that condition often make them sexually passive.

Experiences have proved that there are great sex positions for pregnant women who still want to satisfy their husbands sexually.

One major factor to be considered on this matter is the sexual techniques adopted by the couples. For the comfort of a pregnant woman, it is good to practice the kind of sex positions that will not pose any threat to her in causing anxieties and fears that could make her to have the thought that the baby might get hurt.

Although the level of sexual urge usually drops in pregnant women, it is still a good thing to have sex in pregnancy, provided it is done the right way. Here, are great sex positions for pregnant women who still want to keep their sense of sexuality.

For most pregnant women, the following great sex techniques should be alright:

  1. The women should lie on her back on a table with her legs twisted round the waist of the man. The man stands before her to make his thrusts.
  2. The man may do it in a press-up style to avoid resting on her protruded belly. He will have to rest on his hands or elbows so that he won’t put pressure on the woman’s belly. This style requires a lot of energy from the man. His hands may get strained, thereby causing a sort of interference with his concentration on enjoying the sexual intercourse. Also, he will not be able to stimulate the pregnant woman during coitus.
  3. The woman will also be comfortable if she is on top. She controls the angle of penetration as well as the depth of the thrusting. Reaching orgasm is majorly dependent upon her performance. It has been found out that this position is one of the best for women. The sex technique gives room to direct stimulation of their clitoris.
  4. Insertion of manhood into the vagina from the rear is also good for pregnant women. The pregnant woman will have to squat, or be on all fours, with her buttocks raised up for the insertion of the penis. The manhood majorly thrusts against wall of the first-three inches of the length of the vagina, which is the most sensitive area.
  5. One other preferable sex position is for the woman to sit between the laps of her husband with her back towards him, thus making her belly to be away from contact with the man. She will have to move her buttocks sideways, or make an up-and-down movement over the inserted penis. This position allows easy and direct stimulation of her clitoris by one hand while the other can be used to caress her body and also fondle her breasts. In effect, this is believed to be the best position for pregnant women.

Watch the Video for some safe sex positions

Last Note:

Be careful if you want to engage in oral sex. It is risky because blowing air into the vagina can lead to a complication called at embolism. This refers to a condition in which a blood vessel can be blocked by air bubbles, thereby putting the life of the baby and the mother at risk. That is an important warning for couples who engage in oral sex.