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How Effective Is Spermicidal Lube, Cream & Foam?

There are a number of contraceptives available for women who wish to avoid pregnancy.

Spermicide is actually female contraceptive. Since its reliability is very low it must be used as 2nd layer of protection. 

When choosing birth control contraceptives it is important to figure out whether they are actually effective or not. Along with this, it is also important to find out the advantages and dangers of using a particular contraceptive. You might want to use a spermicidal lube as your main contraceptive agent but it is important to make an effort to learn about the above points before choosing a particular lube.


Certain studies on the effectiveness of spermicidal lubes indicate that such lubricants are capable of failing 26 percent of the times. Although this statistic is for use in the first year, there have also been indications that with perfect use, spermicidal lubes have a 15 percent failure rate. Spermicide is highly recommended if you are using diaphragm contraception

They have also been known to fail 29 percent of the times in the case of typical use. When talking about contraceptives and pregnancy prevention measures, the spermicidal products have a quite high rate of failure. It is advisable to use spermicidal products as a last resort because of their high failure rates and other contraceptive options should be given a higher preference.


In discussing the working of the spermicidal lubes, we shall give a short insight into the process of getting pregnant. While most people know this, it is still worth a mention that pregnancy is a result of the male sperm interacting with the female egg.

Spermicidal lubes prevent pregnancy because they contain certain chemicals which work towards killing the sperms or damaging them in the least. These prevent them from successfully impregnating the egg and hence prevent pregnancy. Chemicals such as nonxynol-9 or N-9 are constituents of spermicidal lubes and prevent the sperms from being fully functional. There has been no proof for protection against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Advantages and Risks:

Apart from the risk of pregnancy because of the failure rates, the chemicals contained in spermicidal lubes often increase the chances of getting STDs. In addition, they are also messy in their use and application sometimes.

Spermicidal lubes are easily available without the need for prescriptions. They can be carried discreetly without any hassles and do not cause any disturbance to the hormonal balance of a woman or man. They are also capable of enhancing the pleasure of intercourse.


The efficiency of lubricants is increased when used along with other protective measures such as condoms. They need to be applied inside the vagina about 10 to 15 minutes before having sexual intercourse and it is important to note that spermicidal lubricants lose their effect after one hour of application.

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